The Speech and Drama Institute Offers

we are not college nor a university, or an academy. We simply offer training n acting and modelling, therefore we are not accredited.

Saturday Acting Workshop:

We offer part-time  acting classes for individuals that have interest in perfomance. The programme runs throughout the year, from Februaary to October in 3 months cycles. A showcase is held at the end of programme which the students present what they have been working on in class.

School workshops

Drama has many positive influences, it allows children to be expressive and allows them to be themselves and find ways through storytelling, role play, puppetry, rituals, games, improvisation and more. Enrolling a child in this wonderful programme is not only for fun and games, participants will be a step ahead in their creative arts class because we make sure that our programme is CAPS affiliated.

It has been proven that theatre and art enables participants the opportunity for change to take place in their lives showing significant improvement in their health, boosting their self-esteem as it creates a space for their emotional wellness. Here are some of the reasons why should invite us to your school.

  •  It encourages self-awareness, exploration and reflection on feelings and relationships
  •  It provides opportunities for participants to learn new skills;
  •  It enables clients to experiment with new ways of thinking and behaving;
  •  It makes use of all the senses
  •  It improves communication skills
  •  Physical Fitness


Our Promise:

  • To support the learners in all that they need
  • To protect them
  • To create a safe environment for them to be fully expressive
  • To be ethical and confidential
  • To create trust between the facilitators and the learners
  • To work with learners at their own pace and level
  • To give individual attention